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Survey Translation

Survey translation is just the start of what we do (but we do a lot of it!). We translate discussion guides, screeners, waivers, apps, and reports – whatever your research translation requires.

Research translation for surveys, discussion guides, waivers, legal content.

Expert Research & Survey Translation

Translation is part art and part science, and when you’re looking to connect with your research participants and understand their authentic voices, you need the right balance of both.

Our global network of professional linguists bring their years of translation experience, understanding of cultural nuance, and industry expertise to ensure quality and accuracy on each research translation project.

Our dedicated project managers tailor the translation process to your project needs. Translating a survey? Back translating open ends to English? Translating legal waivers or apps? Each content type requires an experienced translator to ensure accuracy and voice. Let us help ensure accuracy and nuance – and help you get to insights faster.

Let’s work together.

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