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Multilingual Audio Transcription

You’ve gone through all the effort of conducting your interviews or focus groups – now trust your multilingual transcription and translation to the experts who will make sure that your transcripts are accurate and culturally nuanced.

Multilingual transcription for focus groups and interviews

Interview & Focus Group Transcription

Make sure your participants’ voices are heard. No matter the language. Our team of skilled human transcriptionists provides fast, accurate, and culturally-nuanced transcripts, no matter the language. 

Whether you’ve got one or a dozen in-depth interviews or focus groups to transcribe, let us take that off your plate. We support all audio and video formats and create custom solutions whether transcription is the first step or last step of your process.

Some clients prefer our interpretive foreign language transcription, where your output is an English transcript, while others prefer double column, where we provide a monolingual transcript of the original plus translation to English. Speaker identification? Specific formatting requirements? Frequent time code? Just let us know what you need to help get to your insights faster and easier.

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