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About Us

We help researchers create connections and get to authentic and actionable global insights. We’re a division of Multilingual Connections and a return to roots for Founder & CEO Jill Kushner Bishop, PhD.

Jill’s fascination with language and culture brought her to an MA/PhD program in linguistic anthropology at UCLA and included a year of conducting ethnographic research among speakers of a dying language in Israel. She planned to continue her research path in academia, but an opportunity to work as a user researcher brought her back home to Chicago. In 2005, she founded Multilingual Connections.

Our company has grown and changed over the years, but what hasn’t changed is our focus on creating connections across languages and cultures. We support research across the globe through bilingual moderation, research and survey translation, interview and focus group transcription, and simultaneous interpretation.

Proudly woman-owned and certified by WBENC & WOSB.

Dr. Jill K. Bishop
Founder & CEO

Jill’s fascination with language and culture started early in life and eventually led her to pursue an MA/PhD in linguistic anthropology. Her year of fieldwork in Israel among speakers of an obsolescing language culminated in her dissertation, More than a language, a travel agency: ideology and performance in the Israeli Judeo-Spanish revitalization movement.

After working in user research and then overseeing language and culture programs for Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jill launched Multilingual Connections in 2005. Jill is passionate about creating connections for her clients and creating a great work environment for her team.

Carlos Hevia
Business Development Director

Carlos was raised between Western Pennsylvania and Northern Spain. He graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a concentration in Marketing. He has lived in both Spain and the United States and traveled for both work and pleasure in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Carlos has a passion for discovering, and at Multilingual Connections that means discovering customer needs, new business opportunities, and new service offerings that we can incorporate to improve outcomes for our clients and other partners.

Ife Orawusi
Multilingual Research Project Manager

Ife was born in Nigeria and has lived mostly in Lagos and Port Harcourt city. He has a background in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration, and he brings eight years of market research and project management experience to his role at Multilingual Connections.

During his career, he has helped multinational consulting firms, manufacturers, international organizations, global pharma companies, and others encounter solutions in hard-to-find data environments across Africa.

We are driven by values

Relationships are everything. Inspire trust. Be flexible & creative. Pursue growth & learning. Embrace & drive change.

Our values are not just framed on the wall but lived every day with our clients, our team, and our talent.