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When your research takes you global, take us with you

Your multilingual research project is unique. Whether you’re looking for bilingual moderators for focus groups and interviews, multilingual fieldwork support, survey translation or audio transcription, our experienced bilingual qualitative researchers and linguists are here to help ensure the success of your international research projects. Global research? We’ve got you covered!

Cultural Expertise

Our researchers and linguists are experienced professionals with deep cultural insight and subject matter expertise.


Flexibility is one of our core values, and you’ll see that at every step as we customize our approach to fit your unique projects.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our project managers partner with you to understand your needs and bring together the right experts to ensure your project’s success.

Bilingual research moderation for focus groups and interviews

Bilingual Moderation

Whether conducting interviews in 10 markets or in your own backyard, our bilingual moderators help ensure that you hear your participants’ authentic voices.


Capture more than just words with our audio transcription services. Human ears hear the nuance that machines might miss in your in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Mutlilingual transcription of interviews, focus groups and other audio
Research translation for surveys, discussion guides, waivers and legal content

Survey Translation

Culturally-nuanced survey translation, discussion guides, legal content of apps – whatever the content, our translators are native speakers of the target market and have expertise in research.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Professional simultaneous interpreters for your focus groups and interviews across any platform.

Simultaneous interpretation for global research projects

“We are able to take on complex international research projects with
confidence, knowing that we have a trusted language partner in place.”


“Multilingual Connections saw my translations as a top priority and was
fully willing and able to create new processes and adapt existing ones to
meet our challenges.”


“Multilingual Connections was a great alternative because of
their transparency and pricing.
The customer service received was outstanding!”

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Our Team

We are driven by values

Relationships are everything. Inspire trust. Be flexible & creative. Pursue growth & learning. Embrace & drive change.

Our values are not just framed on the wall but lived every day with our clients, our team, and our talent.

Let’s work together on
your next international research project.